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QuickTable is really a complete JTable substitute Javabean. They have the many capabilities which can be lost with JTable which is constructed over JTable, and so you don't need to study virtually any completely new API. QuickTable is usually included with many capabilities including Print out Survey, Stamping, Uncover & Change, Working, Epidermis, copy/paste to help Exceed, Impression cellular material, Work schedule cellular publisher, Customizer for example. QuickTable can be employed because

  • Database Grid
  • Delimited/Fixed length data file Grid
  • Array/Vector Grid
  • EJBs/DataObjects Grid

home1 Common Features: It can work with major IDEs like JBuilder, Visual Age and Symantic Cafe
  • It supports both Swing 1.0 & Swing 1.1
  • JDK 1.1.x, 1.2.x, 1.3.x, 1.4.x supported.
  • Printing & Print preview supported. Elegant reports can be created.
  • Skins, to change the look & feel.
  • Multi-line Column headers.
  • Calendar is used to edit the date fields.
  • Masking supported, using the Document class for TextField.
  • Printing made simple. Just call print() to print the whole table to your printer or use the advanced print option.
  • Find and Replace by just calling doFind() or doFindAndReplace() or use advanced find, replace.
  • Events generated when a cell is edited, which can be used for input validation.
  • Sorting based on column header click
  • Copy/paste from/to excel.
  • Color, font , alignment of each cell can be changed.
  • Easy way to set cell renderer/editor for Image , check box, radio button, combo box. No need to write a cellRenderer/Editor class.
Database Grid QuickTable is a reliable, powerful data bank grid javabean. Quicktable is usually the top pick from the Java trainers because each day, five golf swing projection screens that utilizes data bank grids might be coded. It's voted as the least difficult RAD DBgrid available. QuickTable might be developed in a mere several easy espresso assertions! Zero complicated API.

It is actually manufactured more simple, when you have a jdbc resultset. Together with 1 assertion, it is possible to heap your resultset directly into quicktable.


Commonly once you become a member of a couple of dining room table, you do not have just about any control around, which usually with the signed up with platforms this grid will certainly bring up to date if the person messages some sort of cellular. QuickTable may be the simply DBGrid that may help to make insert/updates/deletes based on ones have to have. Check out AddModifyDelete short training for more info. DBGrid Characteristics:
  • Helps JDBC 1. 0/2. 0.
  • We are able to connect to virtually any repository for you to that you've some sort of JDBC driver.
  • We should not get hold of a independent JDBC driver for your stand, you may use for ones challenge.
  • Ahead of Bring up to date, After Bring up to date, Ahead of Put in, After Put in, Ahead of Erase, After Erase situations are available.
  • Copy/Paste for you to clipboard.
  • Time data format can be arranged for your Time areas.
  • Interactive customizer can easily guide you for your integration. Create a rapid expedition while using the customizerwhitespace. gif (34 bytes)
  • Put in, Erase, Adjust supported
  • Dependant on column datatype, cell phone writers are allocated, at the same time people could also arranged the actual celleditors
  • Nav cafes are given, for you to understand between series
  • Information for your stand will be fetched only if important, which reduces the actual memory space usage
  • column can be limited completely to another problem, helping to make the actual cell phone publisher like a combo field, that's the actual problem benefits.
  • Repository malfunction situations are produced, which may be used to present great communications, while quicktable themselves can easily present default communications.
EJBs/DataObjects Grid QuickTable may be the merely javabean which could heap collection/vector/enumeration associated with java materials in JTable. Per information discipline inside target, QuickTable will develop a column. Using the information sort of the column it will eventually immediately designate the cellular editor/renderer. This is very beneficial inside 3 collection architectural mastery, where you do not possess having access to data source. This is very beneficial whilst building EJB/hibernate applications, where you wish to present the findXXX leads to a JTable.

   CustomerHome home =
   Collection c = home.findCustomerByLastName("smith");

Check out QuickTable applet demo Before applying Skin home1 After applying skin home1

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